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This XquisiteCase ProGrip Apple iPhone SE (2020) Case has a cool and sleek design. In addition, this sturdy cover offers good protection, partly due to the raised edges. But the unique thing about this cover is of course the pro grip layer, which makes the device comfortable to hold and reduces the risk of fall damage.



This stylish sleek cover has a sturdy yet thin and light design. The firmness ensures that your device stays in the cover at all times. Due to the thin and light design of the cover, the contours of the device remain visible and provides all conveniences. The device does not become thicker or heavier. Of course, all cutouts are present, so that the device does not lose functionality in combination with this cover.

What makes this cover unique?

The XquisiteCase ProGrip Apple iPhone SE (2020) Case has a unique design. It has pro grip, which ensures that your device lies firmly in your hand. In addition, the cover does not slide off quickly. This reduces the risk of fall damage to your device. In addition to the pro grip design, XquisiteCase has added metal buttons. Where these are made of TPU or cut out with most covers, this is not the case with this cover. These metal buttons contribute to the unique design and user-friendliness.



The design of the cover is of course important, but perhaps more important is the protection. The cover has a military grade drop protection certificate. The cover can absorb a fall of up to 1.20 meters. This is due to the raised edges of the device. When the device falls, the screen will not touch the ground and a blow is absorbed by the flexible material. The cover consists of two materials. The inside and the edges are made of TPU, this is the flexible plastic that will absorb a blow. This TPU layer is surrounded by a hard plastic pro grip layer which ensures the firmness of the cover.




  • 1.20 meter drop protection
  • Shock-absorbing material
  • light and thin design
  • Sturdy and hard border




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