While last night’s launch didn’t hold too many surprises, it did give us 4 new phones, 2 new iPads and a watch.

The iPhone 13 design is very similar to that of the iPhone 12.  The ‘notch’ (sitting at the top of the screen, housing Face ID and front camera sensors) has been reduced in size by 20%.  There is a promise of improved battery life, a faster A15 chip and a brighter screen.  The iPhone 13 Mini, 13, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max are available in new colours pink, blue, midnight, starlight and red. The handsets are available with up to 512GB of storage with the entry level now being 128GB.

The 13 Pro and Pro Max contain 3 cameras, Apple’s “most advanced camera system yet” including a cinematic mode for shooting movies which can also now be filmed in portrait mode.

Interestingly, the launch comes as data shows buyers are keeping their phones for longer before upgrading.  It is estimated that around 250 million iPhone users have not upgraded their phones in 3 and a half years and are instead choosing to repair and replace batteries in their current phone rather than take the leap to a new handset.

Two new iPads were also revealed.  The 'new iPad', with 20% faster performance from its previous version is up to “three times faster than a Chromebook”.  The new iPad Mini has USB-C functionality, Apple pencil support and no home button, using a lock button on the top for Touch ID.

Finally, the Apple Watch Series 7, slightly larger and can fit almost 50% more text on the screen, it is also dust-resistant.  The Watch’s iOS 8 brings good news for cyclists which will be able to automatically detect bike riding including e-bikes.  The watch will be available later in the Autumn apparently.

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