An interesting new feature of the latest ios update is the Legacy Contacts. 

Over the years we have been asked by customers how they can access their deceased relatives iPhone or iPad and up until now there is a very long-winded process involving dealing with Apple directly. 

Now with Legacy Contacts, you can set a trusted person to be able to access your Apple ID and your data (or "Digital Legacy") after you die. The person that you designate as your contact can access your photos, messages, notes, files, contacts, calendar events, apps, device backups, and more. iCloud Keychain passwords remain inaccessible, as does licensed media.

The Legacy Contact option can be accessed by opening up the Settings app, selecting "Password & Security," and choosing "‌Legacy Contact‌" from the list. From there, you can select a trusted person to access your account after you pass away.

You can choose an iPhone user or an Android user, and share your special access key through Messages or by printing it out.

Our brilliant team here at the ilab are always on hand to help with any queries you may have in relation to your smartphone or tablet.

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