We have had quite a few questions over the last couple of days about overheating phones, so I thought I’d write a quick few tips to help keep cool in this latest heatwave!

- My first tip is to simply keep it out of the sun.  Don’t leave it on a windowsill in direct light, or locked in your car, anywhere you would get hot and sweaty so will your phone!

- Remove your phone case.  This acts as an insulator so if you’re phone is starting to heat up, strip off its coat and let it have a breather.

- The phone’s battery is very closely linked to its temperature so making some quick changes in Settings can really help.  Make sure screen brightness is down, pop it on to Airplane mode if you don’t need data for a bit.

- PLEASE don’t put your phone in water, or in the fridge or freezer to ‘quickly cool down its temperature’.  We’ve seen the results … it doesn’t end well!  Rapid cooling of smartphones can cause condensation in the components causing even more damage.  If you have one, just put it near to a fan, this will allow the phone to cool slowly without causing any damage.

If you have experienced any issues with your phone or tablet, don’t hesitate to get in touch, our experienced team are always happy to help.